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Duties and Responsibilities

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Duty and Responsibility


1-Following the assignment, appointment, promotion,  transfer and staff procedures of the whole academic and administrative personnel.

2-Time-extension, domestic and overseas assignment operations of the academic staff

3-All the operations of foreign national staff and  correspondences with the council of higher education.

4-All processes of military postpone and service evaluation upon return from military service

5-Following visa procedures of temprorary workers and contracted staff.

6-Provision of preparing and following fringe-benefit,in-service training and promotion programs

7-All the correspondences with the pension fund about the service of staff and request of retirement registeration number

8-Adaptation processes of the staff on the issue of changes in education

9-Classification and conservation of registeration files of the  all working staff and those who left.

10-Folow-up the retirement procedures of all staff and conservation of registeration note status by organization.

11-Procedures of sending and receiving registeration files in inter-institutional transfer operations

12-Correspondences with legal counsel  and other units about the disciplinary investigations and conservation of investigation files.

13-All operations of personnel health record, follow-up off-day procedures of the personnel working in units of the Rectorate and arrangements of other university personnel ‘s patient transfer documents.